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Medusa the Algae that Petrifies You with Her Beauty


Medusa offers a fantastic solution for plant enthusiasts who often struggle with plant maintenance. This resilient green algae plant thrives even in less-than-ideal conditions, making it a perfect choice for those who find traditional plants hard to keep alive. Imagine the convenience of having a lush and vibrant algae plant that requires minimal care, enhancing your surroundings with its natural beauty. Medusa truly brings the joy of greenery into your life without the usual challenges.


Product Details ➡️ What is inside the box?


- Recycled glass bottle 


- White rocks 


- Algae plant food for 1 year


- 2 packs of our special powder for the water 


- The algae plant Medusa

Medusa Bottle

Expected to ship by the 1st of October
  • Benefits

    High oxygen production: just like their plant relatives, algae produce oxygen too.


    Easy to maintain: our algae are easy to maintain, they just need natural or artificial light (do not place them under direct sunlight), salt water, food, and love.


    Boost your mood and productivity: bringing algae into a working environment increase productivity by 15%.


    Whether you're buying for yourself or someone special in your life, Medusa will inject some good energy and positivity indoors.

  • Light requirements

    Medusa, the versatile algae plant, thrives across a spectrum of lighting, spanning from subdued to radiant, whether sourced from nature or artificial means. One cautious note: shield it from direct sunlight to prevent potential damage

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