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Our story

How everything started

Algae tank
Stheno on the table

In 2020, Vanessa and Ayrton embarked on a journey to shape a sustainable future, giving rise to BioBright. Inspired by the synergy of "Bios," meaning life in Greek, and "bright," an Old English term for radiance, BioBright embodies the belief that integrating nature into our world illuminates the path to a brighter future.


While our roots were grounded in the fascination with microalgae for their luminescence and aesthetic allure, our mission evolved. Today, BioBright stands as a beacon for businesses seeking impactful solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. We harness the power of abundant algae to absorb CO2, aligning our efforts with the urgent need to curtail carbon emissions.


At BioBright, we don't just sell algae plants; we offer a transformative approach to sustainability. By incorporating our green allies into your business environment, you're not only embracing eco-conscious practices but actively contributing to a healthier planet.


But our commitment extends beyond mere transactions. BioBright is a platform for education, advocating for the significance of marine life and sustainable living. Join us in fostering a sustainable tomorrow, where nature's radiance paves the way for a greener, cleaner, and more vibrant future.


Illuminate your business with BioBright, where the promise of a sustainable world meets the power of nature.

Our Team

Ceo and cofounder Vanessa

Vanessa Giorgia Barzasi

Co-founder and CEO

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Cofounder Ayrton

Ayrton Barzasi

Co-founder and Scientist

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