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Think Green, Act Green With An Algae Plant

BioBright assists maritime industries in reducing CO2 emissions and achieving net zero through our awarded algae plants and monitoring system.

If you're not a business, don't worry! You can still contribute to decarbonization by purchasing our awarded algae plants from our online shop.


Benefits for your business

High carbon absorption


Less water and energy waste


Data monitoring


Pesticided free

Pesticides free

Tailored solutions


Supported by research

At BioBright, we take pride in offering a product that is not only innovative but also backed by extensive research. Our products are designed to help reduce carbon emissions for your company as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our commitment to delivering a reliable and effective solution has led us to provide tailored ways for your company to reduce its carbon emissions.

Lab algae

Plants and Productivity

Sustainability of Algae

Algae and carbon absorption

Our products offer solutions specifically designed for your business to reduce their

carbon emissions while still preserving the uniqueness of your company.


All about BioBright

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