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Simplify your sustainability journey with our products services

BioBright helps the maritime and port industry in reducing carbon emissions and working towards achieving the net-zero by 2030 through the use of algae plants and monitoring system. 


While our focus is on maritime and port industries, businesses of all types can benefit from our algae plants products and services. Whether you're in an office setting or another industry, join us in working towards a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.

Together, let's significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and take strides towards sustainability and a greener future.


Smart buoy

Our smart buoy technology revolutionizes decarbonization in maritime and ports. It monitors CO2 levels and efficiently absorbs carbon using algae-based systems. Just 400 grams of algae can absorb 800 grams of CO2 per hour, doubling absorption every two months. Smart buoys integrate sensors and algae cultivation to monitor CO2 absorption and purify water by removing pollutants like Copper, Nitrate, Ammonium, and Phosphate.


Algae monitoring system

Our groundbreaking technology tackles decarbonization in the maritime and ports sector without the need for buoys. It efficiently monitors CO2 levels and utilizes algae-based systems to absorb carbon, contributing significantly to decarbonization efforts.At the same time, 400g of algae absorb 800g of CO2 hourly, doubling every two months. Our technology, equipped with sensors and algae, simultaneously purifies water by removing pollutants such as Copper, Nitrate, Ammonium, and Phosphate.

Additional services

Beyond maritime and ports, BioBright's algae solutions benefit diverse industries. Join us, from office settings to other sectors, in striving for a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.


Purchasing our algae plants, allowing you to work towards decreasing your CO2 emissions. We offer a variety of sizes and container for your algae plants and If you encounter any challenges, our dedicated algae expert will be readily available to offer their expertise and support.

Marine Marvels Purchase

Just the algae plant

Support by algae experts



Our rental program makes it simple for busy businesses to lease our algae plants for a minimum of 6 months. It's an effortless way to bring sustainability into your space and cut CO2 emissions without worrying about maintenance.

Seaside Escape Rental Bundle

Change water

Algae food

Replace algae 

Support by algae experts



Our maintenance plan makes caring for your algae hassle-free. If you find yourself too busy after purchase, don't worry! It's never too late to opt for our service. We provide monthly feeding, a five-month water refresh, and health monitoring with extra nourishment, ensuring your algae thrive with ease.

Marine Oasis Maintenance Plan

Change water

Algae food

Replace algae 

Support by algae experts

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